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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Solaris Zones on different network interfaces: setting up the routing table

For the reasons I explained here I created a zone to install Blastwave's software. Furthermore, as I usually use ssh to connect to this machine from the outside of my LAN, I'm running the ssh service on another non-global zone. My Sun Ultra 20 M2 has two NICs, and the two zones share a physical NIC (nge1), while the global zones uses both nge0 and nge1, as shown in the following two fragment of the zone configuration file.

Everything was working OK and I usually use zlogin when I connect to a zone. I had no reason, either, to connect to the Blastwave's zone using ssh because I loopback mounted the /opt/csw filesystem so that it's available to desktop users who log in the global zone.

When I tried to ssh a zone, I realized that I couldn't! A quick check with netstat told me why:
bash-3.2# netstat -r

Routing Table: IPv4
Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ---------- ---------
default speedtouch.lan UG 1 58 nge0
default speedtouch.lan UG 1 108 nge1 solaris.lan U 1 19 nge0 Unknown-00-14-4f-80-d6-b1.lan U 1 3 nge1
solaris solaris UH 3 561 lo0

Routing Table: IPv6
Destination/Mask Gateway Flags Ref Use If
--------------------------- --------------------------- ----- --- ------- -----
::1 ::1 UH 1 35 lo0
The zones' IP addresses ( and are indeed not reacheable. The quick fix was updating the routing table:
route add
route add
An OpenSolaris project named Crossbow will solve this kind of problem by fully virtualizing the network interfaces.

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