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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Discontinues Mac OS/X ZFS Project

One of the reasons I really love Solaris 10 (and OpenSolaris) is ZFS. I'm also running Solaris at home because of ZFS. I'd also thought about buying an Apple machine some day or the other but was waiting about ZFS being integrated into Mac OS/X. Well, it seems that the game is over:

Apple has posted a note on its ZFS project web page informing the users that the project is being discontinued. Apparently, there's a ZFS MacOS refugee camp (in their own words) on Google Groups.

I'm really sorry about that. ZFS is a great technology and it would have fitted very well on Mac OS/X, although it's (mainly) a consumer oriented Operating System. I was wondering about a ZFS-enabled Time Machine (sort of OpenSolaris Time Slider). Real cool, but it'll never be: rumors suggest that it was a political, rather than technical choice.

Nonetheless I think Mac lovers have lost the opportunity of running ZFS as their file system. As far as it concerns myself, a real argument about switching (at least the laptop) has just faded away and I think I'll keep on sticking with Sun Desktops and with some compatible laptop here at home.

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