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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fluendo DVD Player for Solaris has finally been released

Many of us Solaris users have been waiting for this a long time. Fluendo has finally released its DVD Player for Solaris as well.

This is great news. I've been using Fluendo codecs on Solaris since a long time and I'm trying right now their DVD Player. So far I had no issue and it clearly is a leap forward for Solaris as a desktop platform.

There exists, indeed, open source and free alternatives such as Xine and MPlayer. To be fair, I never had any problem with Xine: I'm a faithful Xine user since so many years. The only issues I had are related to Blastwave's Xine packages which seem to broke many Nevada builds ago (b110 more or less). To play encrypted DVDs you also need to compile your own libdvdcss, which may be an issue for a non technical user.

If you're willing to support companies like Fluendo, which is supporting the Solaris Operating System even for desktop products like a DVD Player, please don't think twice and buy it.

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