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Sunday, April 11, 2010

GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator for Mac OS/X v. 4 has been released

As I told you in another blog post, I'm using GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator for Mac OS/X to remotely connect to my time machine disk, which happens to be a ZFS volume managed by a Solaris host. Studio Network Solutions has just released GlobalSAN version 4: alongside some UI enhancements, this new version of the GlobalSAN software takes advantage of Snow Leopard characteristics. A screenshot of the new GlobalSAN UI is the following:

A word of warning: if you're using an older version of GlobalSAN (such as version 3), in order to successfully install this new version you've got to completely remove the older software by using the uninstaller which comes with the older package. If you no longer have it, please download it once more, uninstall it and then install the new version.

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