Monday, November 15, 2010

Oracle Releases Oracle Solaris 11 Express (2010.11)

More than one year after the latest and last OpenSolaris build (2009.06) was released Oracle has finally released a new snapshot of the next generation Solaris 11 Operating System: Solaris 11 Express (snv_151a).

Solaris Express is now available as:
  • A text installer: this installer does not install any window manager but it can be easily installed using the Solaris package manager (pkg).
  • A LiveCD with a GUI installer (does install the GNOME Desktop Environment).
  • An automated installer for network deployments.
  • USB install images.

If you want to discover what's new in this release, have a look at this presentation. The most important features I was waiting for are:
  • Boot Environments.
  • Fast Reboot.
  • IPS packaging system.
  • Boot Environments for Zones.
  • ZFS as the default file system.
  • ZFS deduplication.
  • ZFS diff.
  • ZFS dataset encryption.
  • Network virtualization (Project Crossbow).

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