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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Autoconf Macros to Check for C++11 Features in the Header

C++11 introduces a lot of improvements and new features to the C++ language and the C++ Standard Library. Compilers and libraries are still implementing such features and it is likely your toolchain is still missing some piece, even though the ones I am using (GCC and CLang) are catching up quickly.

While on the one hand the GNU Build System is mostly used to build C projects and an historical lack of C++ macros is suffered, on the other hand there were no C++11 specific macro to check for library compliance.

For this reason, I began writing my own set of macros some weeks ago starting from what I needed at the time: C++11 features in the <functional> header. So far, I have written the following macros which cover all the new C++11 features in that header:

All the macros except AX_CXX_HAVE_PLACEHOLDERS were submitted to the GNU Autoconf Archive some weeks ago and are already available for use: just follow the link on the macro name, download the m4 file and use it. I submitted AX_CXX_HAVE_PLACEHOLDERS this morning and I expect it to be available shortly: I will update this post as soon as this macro has been accepted.

For those who want to contribute to this set of macros, you can check out their GitHub repository.

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