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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The first sunbath of 2009

Yes. A little late, maybe.

I need to get my skin ready for Crete's sun and just one week is left. Precautions must be taken and the block where I live is equipped with a beautiful pool in the middle of a carefully looked after lawn.

My masochistic ego came out and at two o'clock in the afternoon I wore my bathing costume and went to the lawn. The day was perfect: the sun was burning but many clouds walking in the sky contributed to many 5 minutes' breaks during which a fresh wind gave relax to the skin. A couple of cold showers every thirteen minutes also helped to keep my skin temperature at a reasonable level. A couple of hours later I returned home, had the last cold shower and I'm now preparing to go out and drink a beer.

Folks, this is life: I was missing sunny days a lot!

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