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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is Safari leaking memory?

I was working at some Java EE application with my MacBook while I realized that I was running out of memory. Strange, isn't it? I was just running the following:

Not so much for a MacBook equipped with a 4GB of RAM to experience a memory shortage. When I opened the Activity Monitor I was shocked to discover that my MacBook experience was jeopardized by the Safari web browser.

Since then, I'm monitoring Safari resource consumption. I've also been searching for information about Safari leaks and it seems that since a long time there are "outstanding" memory leaks which, apparently, haven't been corrected so far.

After using Safari some time that's what I see:

Although I'm reasonably happy with Safari speed, almost one gigabyte is simply too much for some newspaper reading and a maximum of a couple of tabs open. I'm seriously thinking about switching to Google Chrome.

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