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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who likes Mondays?

I do *not*. But today, I like them less than usual.

First: since two days, Saturday and Sunday, are more than enough to upset my biological clock, returning to the weekly routine is pretty hard for me. I try to tame my nocturnal instincts but constraining that little Count Dracula inside me is harder and harder.

Second: winter is not exactly my favorite season to go out of the bed, undress and have a shower. Particularly when the average outdoor temperature is about -5 degree Celsius and the memory of the warmth beneath the blankets is still vivid inside my mind. Despite that, and after the first coffee, the week has begun and Sunday just seems so far away.

Monday is the day of "good intentions": an entire working week is there before you, and it's the perfect day to schedule executive meetings.

So simple were my plans and, for a time, I wasn't late either. But I'd reckoned without my... clutch. Yep. The gear lever was stuck and the clutch pedal seemed to offer few or no resistance. Bad news. I called a crane, waited for it in a chilly and busy street of Madrid. It finally took me to the nearest garage just to discover that your bank account will shortly be drained. Ah, I almost forget! The icing on the cake: I never arrived to that meeting.

Who likes Mondays? I don't know. But I certainly do not.

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