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Monday, May 10, 2010

Changing Confluence attachment storage

By default, Confluence will store attachments in the attachments subdirectory of its home directory but Confluence not only supports local file systems as attachment storage: it also supports database storage. The only drawback you should be aware of is obvious: database required capacity is going to increase. But not more than you would anyway be using in the local filesystem.

Advantages of using database storage are ease of administration as far as it concerns backing up and restoring a Confluence instance. Using your database to save files will also shield you from problems that might arise from invalid characters in file names for the file systems you're using to host the Confluence home directory.

To change Confluence attachment storage, just go to the Administration Console, open the Attachment Storage panel and select the storage type you want:

Take into account that you can switch to database attachment storage any time you need it: even though your Confluence instance is already storing attachments in the local file systems, Confluence will perform a migration of the attachments to the new storage and will soon be back online.

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Anonymous said...

When migrating attachments from your database to a filesystem, the attachments are removed from the database after migration. However, when migrating attachments from a filesystem to your database, the attachments remain on the filesystem after migration.