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Monday, May 10, 2010

Command Line Clients to Manage Atlassian Software

Atlassian software such as JIRA and Confluence not only let user interact with them with a web interface: they both expose an API which can invoked remotely via JAX-RPC or SOAP protocols. Such an API is ideal if you need to batch execute some work on an instance or if you want to build a client of your own around it. Nowadays, with the help of modern IDEs and frameworks, it's pretty easy to build a JAX-RPC or SOAP client. The excellent Netbeans, for example, will build a Web Service client for you in just a couple of clicks: more than once I wrapped such a client inside some shell scripts just for their ease of use and for automation's sake.

Nevertheless, if what you need is just a wrapper around these remote APIs, you may consider using the Atlassian Command Line Interfaces instead of building your own client. Atlassian Command Line Interfaces are shell scripts about a Java client and the only requirement to run them is having Java in your $PATH which, probably, you already have. Their syntax respects the typical UNIX shell script conventions and you'll really feel at home with them.

There is an Atlassian Command Line Interface for almost every Atlassian product on the market:

If you're using more than one product, consider downloading the Atlassian Command Line Interface bundle instead:

Happy scripting and enjoy a better experience with your Atlassian products.

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