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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Grey Blog Has Switched to Dynamic Views

After some weeks of testing, I've finally decided to switch to Dynamic Views. Dynamic Views, in case you don't know, are a new set of Blogger templates. They aren't just templates, however, since they introduce a major change in both the authoring experience of us, the Blogger authors, and of you, the readers. Here's an introductory article about Dynamic Views from the Official Google Blog.

I've chosen the Magazine theme as the default Dynamic Views theme for this blog, but you can change it and choose any of the available ones using the toolbar:

Changing the template was a difficult decision for me. First of all, I'm not a web guy. Absolutely. I just picked a template I liked, used it and customized it a little bit over time. When I first saw Dynamic Views, they really surprised me. They were "clean" and much easier to read than the average Blogger template. Above all, I realized they were going to need very few, if not any, modifications: I just had to pick one and apply it.

You, the reader, can enjoy a new and very readable interface with infinite scrolling. And if you don't like the Magazine theme, just change it. I, the author, am not going to fiddle with the template any longer.

Except for one "glitch": HTML headers, especially <h4/>, <h5/> and <h6/> headers, historically used to mark the titles of a blog post, aren't styled in the default templates, with great detriment of the readability of the old posts. I was forced to add attach new CSS to the template to have, at least, <h4/>, <h5/> and <h6/> headers printed in bold face. Unfortunately, I used both <h2/> and <h3/> headers in older posts and they will show up incorrectly: Blogger styles those headers in its own templates, and I'm not going to fix that in my custom CSS (hey, I told you I'm not a web guy).

I hope like it!

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