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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google Chrome internet browser loses its beta label

After a testing phase unusually short for Google's standards, the Mountain View internet browser has already lost its beta label. The announcement was published on 12/11/2008 with an official google blog post. Google promises improvements in many areas including:
  • Stability and plugins: many bug fixes were related to media playback, especially in the case of video playback. This new version of Google Chrome should deliver a much better user experience and a higher availability of plugins for the browsers. To say the truth, indeed, plugins were something that the few Google Chrome users were really missing.
  • Performance: the already fast Google Chrome and its V8 JavaScript engine has been improved and benchmarks show an 1.4x improvement
  • Bookmarks and privacy: this new version of the browser deliver a less geeky configuration user interface. Privacy and security related options are now grouped together with detailed explanations for the novice. Data import from other browsers' configuration sets have been improved. Bookmark management has been improved too, with a particular attention for bookmark bulk management, in the case you have tons of bookmarks to import and export
I'm very curious and I'll have a Google Chrome test drive on a Windows image running on Sun xVM VirtualBox. Google has also announced an extension platform and support for Mac OS X and Linux, but I don't think this will help seeing Google Chrome running on Solaris very soon...

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