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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sun drastically reduced the availability of x64 workstations

I just realized that, after abandoning the line of SPARC workstations, another two Sun Microsystems' workstations have reached their end of life: Sun Ultra 20 M2 and Sun Ultra 40 AMD-base workstations aren't on sale any longer. The only workstation left (whichever its CPU architecture) is the Sun Ultra 24. I have bought some of them and, despite some Solaris 10 bug, I'm happy with these Intel Core2 {duo, quad}-based machines. I was going to order another set of Ultra 20 M2 when I realized of their departure. I think I'll miss those workstations: AMD-based, two NICs by default and a maximum number of 8 disk drives, against the 4 allowed on the Ultra 24, whose default configuration is more like a powerful PC than a workstation.

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