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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dell Vostro 1710 plastics won't withstand an official repairing

As I told you some posts ago, my infamous Dell Vostro 1710 laptop had its motherboard changed because of its integrated NIC's failure. Long story short: after the first replacement, the motherboard had to be changed again. I had major issues even during battery recognition (never heard of that, before), let alone that the system could boot every four of five attempts.

After 10 days (yes, ten days) fighting with Dell Customer Service, which, besides, tried to convince me that the problem was a monitor's failure and probably an issue with an older BIOS (A10, which was the same BIOS I was running before), they finally sent me another technician to change the motherboard once again.

It was too much for the poor Dell Vostro plastics. Here's how the plastic protection of the monitor's junction "survived" the surgery:
My suggestions thus are:
  • Before buying a Dell Vostro, think twice (or thrice).
  • If you plan to run Solaris (including Nevada or Indiana) and don't think that a 10 meters long network cable crossing your living room is elegant, absolutely do not buy a Dell Vostro.

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