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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GPush: Gmail push notifications for the iPhone

It finally has come true. I wish it was an Apple supported feature, as I think it should be; even so, I'm glad that GPush has finally made it into the App Store.

Nowadays GPush has very basic features:
  • It only lets you configure just one GMail or Google Apps account.
  • You cannot define filters.
  • The only way to stop incoming notifications is disabling GPush notifications in the iPhone control panel.
The first two issues are easily resolved by setting up an additional GMail account and configuring GPush to notify you about incoming mail in this account. Then, you can configure filters on the other account and forward to the GPush account only the mails you're interested in.

It's the first release and every software has its glitches. GPush is one thing I was really missing and I'm glad it's been deployed.

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