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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nessie on Google Maps: does somebody see a boat?

Today, while reading my usual newspapers, I stumbled upon this article on the Corriere della Sera website. Even if it's summer, I think that Il Corriere needs not such fillers... By the way, according to this article, this Google Maps photo has caught the attention of believers of Nessie existence, the Loch Ness monster. In their opinion, that's a shot of the mythological monster that hides into the Scottish highlands' lake.

Well, everybody's free to believe what he likes. Personally, I just see a boat here. What do you see?

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Luca Raggi said...

I see a boat. Maybe a monstrous one, but still a boat. Not only the Corriere della Sera, but several TV news as well mentioned this "would-be news". Too many brains on leave in the summertime?

Grey said...

Yes, it looks like newspapers (except Repubblica maybe) don't know how to fill that void: "Here we should talk about our prime minister but unfortunately we can't". Doesn't it?