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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dell Vostro 1710 - A bad experience

I knew that when I'd buy it and install the Solaris OS, I'd have to give up the idea or having WIFI (well, sort of...). And to use the card reader, too.

What I didn't know was that this thing made of plastic was so fragile. The card reader slot broke at the first card insertion. Well, it doesn't bother me much.

The button and the mechanism of the PCMCIA slot? The worst I've seen, ever.

And now... no, I'd better tell you how it happened. I sat down in my sofa, brought the laptop and put it down in the table, plugged in the network cable and Solaris started to boot. Strange, no IP. Would the DHCP server be experiencing some problems? No, everything seems fine. The nwam service has gone nuts? It seems up and running. Restart it. No. Reboot the Solaris OS. Nothing. Unplug and plug in again. The IP has been assigned! Doh! Pretth strange isn't it? After a while, the network is done. And it was so that I discovered that the ethernet plug broke someway. The cable is there and seems well fixed but if you shake it, the network may fall.

Today I called Dell technical service and after the typical 20 minutes listening to music a polite technical assistant opened a ticket and tomorrow a Dell technician is coming to my house to change the entire motherboard.

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