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Friday, July 17, 2009

The iPhone 3G S: first impressions

Oh yes, at least I bought it. It's so little time I unpacked it that I fell it pretty premature to sit down and blog about it.

But I must say this: I'm astonished. Yes. Absolutely.

I spent a couple of days playing around with an Android-powered HTC of a fellow guy at IBM and the overall impression was very good. The device feels like a PC, rather than a cellular phone. Installing applications was pretty easy and the GUI seemed pretty and polished. But it didn't just gave me the impression I had with the iPhone. The iPhone sits in your hand and it seems you've been using it since a long time. Everything's at hand and intuitive seems unjust, to me.

I had not any experience whatsoever: no iPhone. No iPod. No Mac. Nothing. I powered the iPhone up and I found everything so natural that it was just... right. Making the first customizations didn't gave me that sense of being exploring a new device. Installing the first applications from the App Store was as easy as with the Android OS. But the App Store is just more beautiful. Can't tell you why, I do admit. It's just right.

Even Google applications look better to me. Google Maps is just so iPhony that it does not seem a stranger there. Google application in my old Symbian really seemed aliens in that environment.

Google maps, for example. I started it and it immediately found my location. Extremely precise, moreover! The quantity and the quality of the information I could search into the map was really impressive. I looked for pharmacies, restaurants, italian pizzerie, dentists and so on and it was practically missing nothing around here. The detailed information it gave me really surprised me: telephone numbers are golden pieces of info I'm never sure about. And they're just there, just one search away. Really one finger away.

I also installed Skype and, even if I can only call through a wireless connection (I do understand that, folks) it's a great deal of difference. No sitting at the workstation. Just moving around or sitting in the sofa.

I'm really looking forward to playing with it. I suspect I'm not going to sleep, tonight.

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