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About Me

I am a mathematician fond of classical music, playing piano and lever harp, and developing C{,++} and Java applications on Sun Microsystem's Solaris. A couple of years ago I started programming on OS X and iOS, to develop some application for personal use, such as a Cocoa front-end for rsync (mainly to keep my Adobe Lightroom catalogs synchronized across my machines) and a custom light meter for my iPhone. In the little spare time I have, I also dedicate to another hobby of mine: photography.

After working many years in big consulting firms as an analyst, a consultant and lately as a System Architect, I decided to move on to the next step in my career and, together with some colleagues and friends, I decided to build a company of our own.

A Short Biography

I was born in a really (really...) small town near Padova, in Veneto County, Italy. I grew up as many children of my generation: playing in the fields and running in the woods. There were no PCs in the houses, then.

Since I was a child my attention was easily caught by numbers and music. I think that the first piece of music I knew the title of was Beethoven's 3rd Symphony. It was an old vinyl edition directed by Herbert Von Karajan. At an early age I made it clear to my father that I wanted to play that black big thing of wood we still have in the hall. Yes dad, that thing with a looong row of black and white keys. I soon realized that I wasn't sharing my love for music (nor for Mathematics) with my father; he, anyway, always helped me achieve my dreams and I'm most grateful to him.

I've always been a very inquiring and enterprising person and when I wasn't playing, I was looking for something else to learn. Mathematics, undoubtedly, was the subject I always loved most. After taking formal education and getting a Master of Science degree at the University Of Padua, I started to work as a researcher at the Nuclear Physics National Institute, in Italy.

Unexpectedly and quite in hurry, my experience as a researcher came to a sudden end and I found myself working as a consultant at Accenture's Financial Services industry. Accenture was a big adventure in which I developed many of the skills I own and that gave me a great deal of experience. It probably is, still, the period of my life in which I learned the greatest number of things in the shortest time.

During my experience in Accenture I moved to Madrid, Spain, to follow the development of a core banking solution we were developing. After working more or less one year in the cities of Zaragoza and Barcelona, I finally settled down in the capital.

While in Madrid, I moved to another Spanish company, Indra Sistemas. Indra's core business still is defense technology but it's trying to open its way into financial services solutions. Since 2006 until late 2008 I was assigned as Chief Java Architect in a group that was building a core business solution from scratch, commissioned by the third Spanish bank group (in order of revenues).

Nevertheless, more and more often, I found myself wondering about a dream I had. I finally started up my own business and the right moment arrived when I shared this wish with some of the colleagues I appreciate most. The dream finally come true: I left my former employer and I'm now a happy and busy entrepreneur.

Contact Me

If you need to contact me privately, here's my personal email address: enrico dot m dot crisostomo at gmail dot com
You can also follow me on LinkedIn Twitter, 500px.