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Monday, November 3, 2008

Freezing for fun.

Once I thought spas were just a fashion, and they're proving to be a very resilient fashion. Spas, in my head, were just what thermal baths were during the Roman Empire, with additional luxury and entertainment. I was born in a zone which is very rich of volcanic thermal waters, so I was sort of accustomed to thinking about being covered with mud or waiting like a lobster in a tank of boiling water. When I was younger, I associated these customs with "old age". With time, I must confess that I started appreciating this kind of cares and 20 years later, I'm a spa fun, too.

This morning, when I was reading my newspaper, I saw this article (sorry, but it's italian). Maybe I'm no good at foreseeing fashions, but I'm curious to know if this will be as resilient as thermal baths are. Summarizing: Japaneses (who else?) are launching total body cryotherapy.

You just put on your bathing costume, you enter a room at -15 ºC, just "to break the ice"... After some seconds, you enter another one... at -60 ºC. Without stopping (to avoid literally freezing your blood), you enter the last chamber at -110 ºC and remain there 3.5 minutes.

Japaneses assure that when you go out you'll experience a state of euphoria. Good for the body, good for the soul. Euphoria... wouldn't it be some neuron gone nuts?

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