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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sun Solaris 10 update 6 (10/08) has been released

Sun just updated its Solaris 10 operating system and began to ship Update 6 this week. There were no big changes since last release, probably the most notable being a bunch of ZFS improvement such as:
  • support for ZFS root filesystems during setup, which is something which makes me think about upgrading a couple of server! ;)
  • ZFS rollback without unmount
  • zfs send supports incremental backup from snapshot
  • gzip compression support for ZFS file systems
  • double parity RAID-Z support
A descriptive list of improvements can be found here and the complete What's new document from the documentation center can be consulted here.

Please consult the list of known bugs before deploying this version of Solaris 10, as usual. The only thing that blocks me from deploying Solaris 10 on my development workstation since version 05/08 is bug 6586621 which hasn't been fixed yet.

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