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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a luck! I didn't buy an Apple MacBook (and I won't)

As I told you some posts ago, I was absolutely convinced to buy the recently released Apple MacBook Pro. This morning, reading the press, I discovered something I didn't even imagine which is being discussed even in Apple users' forums.

The news was first brought to attention by Ars Technica, in the an article titled Apple brings HDCP to a new aluminium MacBook near you. To make it short: you won't be able to play some protected material on non-HDCP compliant devices (such as screen, projectors, etc.)

Internet is full of articles about this problem, like this by CNet.

The problem I had while ordering the laptop turned out to be my biggest luck! It spared me an headache and a stupid loss of money! MacBook Pro data sheets don't even mention this "little" detail and I wouldn't have known, hadn't I read these articles by chance. I don't want to imagine the reaction I would have had, when I had discovered I couldn't connect the laptop to any device I own, because no one is HDCP compliant.

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