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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stupidity never ends, as time, it continues to flow...

Just few hours ago I spent some time writing an entry about Mr. Berlusconi and his will to give advice to young and inexpert Mr. Obama.

No time has passed since then and I find myself writing again about the Italian Prime Minister and his first, and I bet not last, gaffe. If you can read italian, read it yourself. Here's the translated excerpt:
"Barack Obama? Young, beatiful and sun-tanned."
Mr Berlusconi goes just where nobody has, and wouldn't, gone before. I cannot even imagine Mr. McCain referring to Mr. Obama as "sun-tanned". What's worst, when he returned at his hotel and was asked about that unhappy statement, he quickly answered:
"If they don't have any sense of humor then it means that those fools have come into action, that they go be [offensive verb has been omitted]."
It's very sad, but sometimes I'm really ashamed that in my country, such a guy has been elected Prime Minister.

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