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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, with Silvio, we can

Weren't he Mr. Berlusconi, when I read the news, I wouldn't believe somebody would say it. And when this somebody is such Prime Minister, it's even more unbelievable.

Here's the article (sorry once more, it's Italian) and here's the translated excerpt:
"The Prime Minister Mr. Silvio Berlusconi sent a message to Mr. Obama «for the important job waiting for him»: «I'm absolutely certain that friendship and collaboration between our two countries will continue growing and strengthening.». During his visit to the Eicma Fair in Milan, Mr. Berlusconi more informally added: «I can advise him [Mr. Obama] because I'm elder than him. I'll do it as soon as I'll be personally hugging him.»"
I'm recalling into my mind the victory speech of Mr. Obama. I was imagining him standing in front of his supporters and adding: "Yes, with Silvio, we can." It's no coincidence that Mr. Severgnini had a very similar reaction, has he commented in his blog, Italians, in the Corriere della Sera homepage. Thanks Beppe for this image.

Mr. Berlusconi, I would like to ask you some sincere questions: do you really believe what you're saying or it's just demagogy? And if it were demagogy, do you really think the average Italian is so stupid?

Personally I believe, Mr. Berlusconi, you should be asking Mr. Obama for advices, rather than offering yours. Italy would have its chance to change, too.

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