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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Public Domain Flags Archive (in Vector Image Format)

Some time ago, when I was implementing the EMCCountryPickerController component I described in some earlier posts (such as this one), I soon realised I needed high quality images of the flags of all the countries listed in the ISO 3166-1 standard. And since the EMCCountryPickerController library is GPL-licensed, I needed images whose license was compatible with it in order to distribute them together with the component.

I found decent collections of flags in the internet but at the end I decided to build my own, especially in order to overcome problems that arose from the limited resolution of many image collections.

I picked the flags from Wikimedia Commons since they're available in SVG format (a widely used vector image format). This way, if I need to, I can render a flag at any resolution.

I then assembled a GitHub repository where you can find:
  • All the flags in SVG format.
  • All the flags in PNG format scaled to a width of 256 pixels.
  • All the flags in PNG format, scaled to a width of 512 pixels.

The following is a shell script that can be used to render the flags archive at the desired widths.

The script requires librsvg to be installed.


Anonymous said...

Many, many, and many thanks to you!!!!

Enrico M. Crisostomo said...

You're welcome, I'm glad it helped!