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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Could I use an iPhone and iTunes with Sun xVM VirtualBox on a Solaris host?

The enterprise I'm working for has just decided to change our phones and buy a last generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. Yes,the one at the left.

Whoever knows me knows my legendary gadget-minimalism, too. The good news is that my old and malfunctioning Nokia E65 will be garbage collected. There's really no bad news, despite Apple iPhone size which won't easily fit any of my pockets.

I'm wondering, before even having touched an iPhone (ever), if I'll be able to use its full potential without either a (native) Windows or a (native) Mac OS/X. Will I be able to interface it with iTunes running on a virtualized OS instance on top of Sun xVM VirtualBox? I don't know and I'm pretty curious about it.

I started reading news about it on the Internet and it seems that (most of the) people is pretty much happy with it. For me, and call me a dinosaur, a phone primary function is being a phone but I recognize that having a steady Internet connection and a decent OS on your mobile could be cool, in most situation. Don't know what my girlfriend has to say about it!

The geeky little man inside me made me go and download the SDK just to discover that I need a Mac OS/X, and thus an Apple machine, to build and run some test applications. Disappointing! I'll develop this subject in a later post. The funniest thing I was reading today was the great innovations Apple introduced on the last revision of the iPhone OS such as... copy and paste. I mean, guys, be serious.

As soon as it comes, I'll tell you my impression!

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