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Friday, June 5, 2009

Crete, a tentative itinerary

As you know, I decided to spend the next week in Crete. One week is not much time, and I'd like to try and breathe as much Cretan atmosphere as I can. One friend of mine who's living in Crete sent me some good suggestions. To satisfy my curiosity, I started googling around looking for photos and information and one place struck me most: Loútro (Full-screenΛουτρό).

Loútro is a small village in the southern Crete and it's pretty unique in that:
  • There's no road to and into Loútro: some sites state that there's just one car in the entire village. I'll verify this as soon as I'll be there.
  • The only mean to reach the village is by boat or on foot.
Loútro's photos I'm viewing recall of the typical Cyclades panorama: calm sea, white houses with blue windows. Here's Loútro on Google Maps:

View Larger Map

In the map it's pretty clear how isolated Loútro is. If you follow the shore to the East, you'll find another isolated village, Sfakia, and the two are connected by a footpath: you should see it if you magnify the image. It really goes parallel to the shore line. This path gives also access to some beautiful beaches such as Glyka nera (Sweet water), one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete.

Google Maps is a just cool application! Checking places like this is funny and, in the meantime, it gives me some kind of confidence about the itinerary I'm building.

I'll keep on documenting and as soon as I'll be back, I'll document my trip!

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