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Saturday, June 20, 2009

OpenSolaris bug 6844307: bonobo-activation-server consumes one entire core

As you know, I substituted Thunderbird with Evolution in my Solaris desktop. I'm pretty happy with it but I hit a bug: bonobo-activation-server sometimes starts to spin and consumes one entire core. The user experience isn't completely compromised because I obviously have a multi processor machine but it's a pretty annoying bug. It's summer and in Spain it's very hot, you know. One CPU throttling at 100% means one fan going nuts and rotating all time long.

Googling was useless because the bug is reported in a closed database but there it is. I must thank the guys at the OpenSolaris Communities to help me find it out. A fix is reported to be delivered in build 117 and meanwhile you can safely kill the bonobo-activation-server: I experienced no problem whatsoever.

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