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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holidays in Crete, part II: relaxing

We woke up late in the morning. Breakfast was scheduled from 08.00 to 10.30 and we hardly showed up at 11.00. Fortunately, there were other latecomers, even if we were the only ones coming from Spain! Spain is different is always a justification. At least, people laughs.

Buffet was pretty well international: not so many greek delicacies there but it was sufficient to satisfy my needs: tea, feta, honey, olives and croissants. As soon as we finished, we went out to smoke a cigarette and there it was, calm and just in front of us: the Aegean Sea.

We stayed in Crete just one week and the idea was spending the first two or three days visiting the island and then just: relax. We never honored the initial schedule, though. The deep blue sea was calling us and touching the car key was painful. Knossos, see you soon.

We dressed our bathing costumes and we went having a sunbath. The hotel was equipped with many swimming pools and we chose one that was built on a terrace just upon the sea shore. The view was very beautiful and the private beach was just below us: twenty steps as a maximum.

At 14.30 we went to the main pool, which has a bar just in the middle, and we had a couple of orange juices. We went to our room, had a shower and a nap!

The first day we really charged our batteries.

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